Future competitions

VET providers and Skills Finland have agreed on a model in which the organiser of the Taitaja event will no longer be selected on the basis of applications, but the organisers will be decided together for a few years onwards. This enables the long-term collaborative development of the event.

According to the agreement, the competition will be held: 2025 in Turku, 2026 in Tuusula, 2027 in Helsinki together with the Abilympics event, 2028 in Joensuu, 2029 in Tampere, 2030 in Helsinki, 2031 in Vaasa, 2032 in Mikkeli and 2033 in Lapland.


Event will be organised in Southern Finland.

More information: Competition Director Hanna Nyrönen, hanna.nyronen@keuda.fi

Taitaja2027 & Abilympics 2027

The International Abilympics competition for people with special needs will be held at Messukeskus, Helsinki in May 2027. The unique major event will be organised concurrently with the Taitaja2027 event.

More information: CEO Maria Ekroth, maria.ekroth@skillsfinland.fi

Main event partners

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