Plumbing and Heating


Plumbing and Heating

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the competence area in pipe fitting of the Vocational qualification in building maintenance technology.

The qualification titles of the basic qualification are ilmanvaihtoasentaja (ventilation fitter), kylmäasentaja (refrigeration fitter), lämmityslaiteasentaja (heating equipment fitter), putkiasentaja (pipe fitter), rakennuspeltiseppä (construction sheet-metal worker) and tekninen eristäjä (technical insulation fitter).

The professional who have completed this qualification works according to the competence area for example in construction industry, in property maintenance as well as in the employment of municipal water, sewage, and energy utilities.

Description of the skill

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” in the competence area in pipe fitting (pipe fitter, heating equipment fitter) of the Vocational qualification in building maintenance technology.

Building maintenance technology is a shared name for heating, water, ventilation, electricity, tele and other fields which serve people and lengthen the life cycle of a property. A HVAC field comprises the heating, water maintenance and ventilation of a building and form an important part of the building maintenance technology. The goal for the operation in HVAC field is to make a good indoor climate  ̶  cozy and healthy circumstances for people living and working in houses. On the other hand, the operation of HVAC field puts an emphasize on energy efficiency, supporting sustainable development and striving for cost saving. Nowadays the traditional HVAC field increasingly requires competence in building automation, electricity and information technology.  

A pipe fitter or heating equipment fitter who has completed the competence area Pipe fitting is able to implement water pipes, sewage pipes and heating pipes installations on newbuildings in accordance with the drawings and work instructions. In addition to ordinary pipe fitting work, a heating equipment fitter knows how to install burner equipment used for a property’s heat production in compliance with regulations.

The qualification holders mainly work in plumbing installation and maintenance tasks.

Skill requirements

Competence areas of the skill category Pipe fitting are basic skills in building maintenance technology, plumbing installations, welding techniques as well as measurement, adjust and automation technology.

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  • Skill steering group will be nominated during autumn 2024.

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