The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in restaurant and catering services. The qualification titles of the basic qualification are kokki (cook) and tarjoilija (waiter/waitress).

Cooks who have completed the competence area of food services work in restaurants, catering, staff restaurants, cafés, banquet and catering services, cargo and passenger ships and institutional kitchens.

Description of the skill

A cook works in food preparation tasks at kitchens with different business ideas. A cook plans, performs preliminary food preparation, prepares and displays tasty, attractive and healthy entire meals for customers. In food preparation tasks a cook is able to use and adjust recipes. A cook works in a customer service oriented, responsible, profitable and productive manner as well as in compliance with sustainable operating practices.

In addition to taste, a cook must consider aesthetic and nutritional matters, special diets and principles of gastronomy. When preparing the dishes, a cook considers requirements of hygiene, an environmental aspect and self-monitoring.

The competition tasks of the skill category are based on the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” in the Vocational qualification in restaurant and catering services, competence area of food services (cook). The tasks are planned in cooperation with working life.

Skill requirements

Competitors in the skill category Cooking are able to prepare tasty, varied and healthy food, observing requirements of Finnish cuisine, internationality and gastronomy. The competitors manage hand skills which are needed in food preparation, and are able to use typical professional kitchen appliances, observing work safety.

In product preparing a cook considers economic matters, changing situations, cooperation and complies with sustainable operating practices and self-monitoring. Moreover, basic language skills in second native language and English are needed.

The semifinal and final tasks are based on the following modules of the Vocational qualification in restaurant and catering services:

  • working in catering services
  • preparing lunch dishes
  • preparing plated dishes
  • preparing à la carte dishes
  • street and fast food services
  • food preparation for catering services and special occasions

A successful competitor pair:

  • is a top expert in the vocational field
  • is able to create and interpret recipes as well as prepare work plans for own working
  • is able to receive and store ingredients and other utensils
  • manages handling and using foodstuffs with different degrees of processing
  • is able to pre-prepare and prepare lunch dishes, plated dishes, dishes for catering services and special occasions, street and fast food and á la carte dishes, in a hygienic and profitable manner, using different food preparation methods and techniques
  • is able to display portions and entire meals and, if necessary, correctly sends products considering customers
  • is able to introduce the products to customers
  • is able to work in a customer-oriented, profitable and productive manner, complying with product quality requirements, safety, healthiness and aesthetic aspects  
  • manages working together with others
  • has understood problem solving and adapting skills
  • has basic vocational language skills in second native language and English
  • manages principles of sustainable development both in theory and in working
  • manages Word and Excel programs
  • is able to realistically assess own competence and receive feedback.

You know how to:

  • implement tasks related to food preparation in different restaurants operating with varying business ideas or missions, or in the public sector.
  • prepare tasty, nutritious and healthy food, taking special diets into account
  • display food portions or for a large number of customers

Skill competition managers

Skill steering group

  • Skill steering group will be nominated during autumn 2024.

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