The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in wood industry and in Arts and Design. The qualification titles of the basic qualification are carpenter and artisan.

The professional who have completed this qualification may work according to the competence area, for example, in an enterprise manufacturing timber structures, in manufacturing and further processing tasks in the sawmill and board industry, in the carpenter and furniture factory, workshop or as an independent entrepreneur.

Description of the skill

The competition task is to make a basic piece of furniture. The competitors have to be able to use the basic woodwork machinery, hand tools and CNC Machine appropriately and safely, and also schedule the phases of the working process. The finished work has to be dimensionally accurate and meet the quality requirements, considering the timetable. The finished product has to be of high quality and tradable.

The products are made at the competition site of the available materials in accordance with the given drawings and instructions. The competition is based on the requirements of the Vocational qualification in the wood Industry or the Vocational qualification in arts and design. The competition tasks are based on the requirements and the assessment criteria of “Excellent” of the vocational qualification. Competitors will get training for using and programming the CNC Machine.

Skill requirements

Competence requirements (the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” in the vocational qualification, including competence requirements of the task modules).

A successful competitor has to master the content of Vocational qualification in wood industry or Vocational qualification in arts and design:

  • machining, fitting, assembling and finishing tasks in the furniture industry
  • basic CNC Programming
  • technical drawings and specifications
  • work safety
  • making wood products
  • customer-oriented production
  • basics of entrepreneurship and professional ethics
  • basics of sustainable development
  • occupational ergonomics.

Skill requirements:

  • reading drawings
  • making a list of parts
  • managing basic woodwork methods and structures
  • material knowledge
  • use of basic machinery and tools
  • use of hand tools and hand machinery
  • machining, fitting, assembling and finishing tasks in the furniture industry
  • use and programming of CNC Machine
  • work safety
  • basics of finishing the piece of furniture
  • customer-oriented production.

A competitor can choose work methods and machines used himself/herself.

Skill competition managers

Skill steering group

  • Skill steering group will be nominated during autumn 2024.

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