Graphic Design


Graphic Design

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in media and visual expression.  The qualification titles of the basic qualification are mediapalveluiden toteuttaja (implementer of media services) and kuvallisen ilmaisun toteuttaja (implementer of visual expression).

The professional who have completed this qualification may be employed according to the competence area for example by the public sector, companies, other media communities or operators, or they may work as entrepreneurs or in a self-employed capacity.

Description of the skill

Competitors are capable of working in diverse tasks in the field of media and visual expression. They know the operating environment of media and have the capabilities to perform a myriad of tasks in different working environments. Competitors generally possess broad capabilities in their own competence area, but they may also specialise in a specific sub-area of their competence area.

Skill requirements

The competence requirements are based on the Vocational qualification in media and visual expression, on the requirements of ”Excellent” among other in the following units:

  • designs and manufactures media materials for various
  • uses designs and produces digital graphics
  • takes and processes photos
  • records and processes video and audio designs, implements and prints a small-format printed product
  • publishes media material on an online publishing platform or a digital publishing platform
  • publishes media material on social media channels
  • writes suitable text for different uses and publication channels
  • chooses and uses appropriate work methods, materials, tools and software
  • make use of suitable means of expression and take into account the general principles of typography, composition, color theory and pictorial storytelling
  • plans his time use and follows production schedules in his work duties
  • works customer-oriented and takes into account the effects of its operations on the flow of production and the formation of costs acts as a member of the work group
  • communicates using professional vocabulary and justifies his solutions
  • performs file management
  • versioning and archiving related to his work duties
  • describes the key stages of his work and compiles work samples of his professional competence
  • observes copyright when creating, selecting, processing and publishing materials
  • complys with the legislation affecting their work duties and the ethical guidelines of the industry
  • takes into account the principles of sustainable development of the profession
  • maintains and promotes safe working, work ergonomics and coping at work
  • considers information security when working

Skill competition managers

Skill steering group

  • Skill steering group will be nominated during autumn 2024.

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