Interior Design


Interior Design

Description of the skill

The decorator is a professional who works on entire interior spaces or parts of spaces as planned, mostly in a team with other professionals, listening to the customer carefully. Sometimes, they can also influence interior decoration solutions and choices. The decorator is also well suited for customer service tasks.

The versatile work requires the decorator to have manual skills, collaborative skills and a customer service and entrepreneurial spirit . They are able to work on and install different materials and are familiar with their properties.  The decorator understands the significance of cultural heritage, actively follows the evolving interior design and construction trends and considers responsibility and sustainable development in their work. The work is highly visual, and it is particularly evident in the use of colours and materials and in the finishing of the work.

Decorators are employed in customer service tasks at construction and interior design stores, at interior design and painting contractor businesses and, for example, at ship industry subcontractors. Entrepreneurship is suitable for interior decorators as well due to the varied opportunities of the field.

The Vocational Qualification in Arts and Design is also a good foundation for further studies in interior design and construction.

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