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Forest Machinery

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in forestry. The qualification titles of the basic qualification are metsäenergian tuottaja (forest-based energy producer), metsäkoneasentaja (forest machine mechanic), metsäkoneenkuljettaja (forest machine operator) and metsuri-metsäpalvelujen tuottaja (forest worker/forest services producer).

The professional who have completed the qualification may work according to the competence area for example in forest machine operation in mechanised timber production or local transportation of timber by lorry, mechanised site preparation and forest management, as forest workers/forest services producers, in forest-based energy production or forest-based machine installation.

Description of the skill

The competition tasks of Forestry Machinery skill are based on the requirements and criteria of “Excellent” in the vocational studies of the Vocational qualification in forestry. The competition tasks are related to the use of forest machinery and both theoretical and practical skills of the competitors are assessed.

 Assessment is focused on the use of forest machinery, work planning, quality management, work load management, consideration of occupational safety, cleanliness and the environment as well as the ability to work systematically and co-operate with others. The machinery and equipment used in the competition tasks are defined in detail before the competition. The competition tasks are organized in modules, so they can be assessed daily.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks are based on the requirements and criteria of ”Excellent” in the following professional modules of the Vocational qualification in forestry:

  • forest management and timber harvesting
  • maintenance of forestry machinery and trucks
  • local transportation of timber
  • mechanised timber production

Skill competition managers

Matleena Lindström

Skill Steering Group

  • Skill steering group will be nominated during autumn 2024.

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