Description of the skill

The tasks of the professional demonstration are based on the Vocational Qualification in Boatbuilding. The professional title of the degree is boatbuilder.

Boatbuilders know how to make, decorate and repair a wide range of boats such as motorboats and sailboats, workboats and other watercraft. They have extensive expertise in the construction of wooden and glass fibre boats. Boatbuilders are also able to manufacture different composite products

Boatbuilders work in boatyards, small boat docks, engine and engine repair shops and composite companies

The boatbuilding industry is versatile and offers a wide range of work tasks. The composite sector such as wind power production will be growing significantly in the next few years, and basic training for the sector will be provided within the Vocational Qualification in Boatbuilding. The work may be physically strenuous and requires good manual skills and focus.

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