ICT Specialist


ICT Specialist

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in Information and Communications Technology, and on the Vocational Qualification in Information and Telecommunications Technology. The degree title in the Vocational qualification in Information and Communications Technology is ICT Specialist.

Work tasks can include computer hardware installations, workstation-based, server-based and cloud-based environments and services. Deployment, maintenance and installation, as well as support services tasks are included in the tasks.

Description of the skill

The competition tasks of the skill category are based on the requirements of the basics of an ICT specialist’s qualification at an excellent level. The assessment of the skills is based on functionality, documentation and best practices in the field. 

The competitor is required to have good oral and written English skills and smooth customer service competence in ICT specialist tasks in their field. The software and source materials in the competition are mainly in English. The competition tasks are in Finnish. If there are Swedish native speakers in the finals, the tasks will be delivered in Swedish.

Skill requirements

 You know how to

  • install, assemble, update and service IT equipment and solve related problems
  • install, configure and maintain operating systems and software
  • support and guide the end user through various IT problems and challenges
  • process, classify, resolve, and redirect support and service requests
  • use system management tools to manage the lifecycle of devices, operating systems and software
  • script and automate operations
  • plan, schedule, prepare and implement system-level changes
  • test and document system functions and changes.
  • basics of network technology, LAN, SME network device management and cloud networking
  • install, configure and maintain servers with basic and separate services
  • deploy and manage cloud services and cloud-based systems
  • consider data security and privacy requirements as part of best practices in the industry.  
  • draw on problem-solving skills in many ways in different situations
  • act in a cooperative, constructive and sustainable manner in customer service situations

Skill competition managers

Skill steering group

  • Skill steering group will be nominated during autumn 2024.

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